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Winter Workout – Family Law


They say bikini bodies are made in winter, which makes sense in theory but the cold mornings where you scrape the thin layer of ice of the windshield before sitting in your car waiting for the windows to de-fog, makes it more difficult in reality. ‘It can wait’ you say, ‘it feels great after’, you summise, ‘you can eat that piece of cake for dessert if I go’, you reason. Yes, these thoughts are true but the lack of feeling in your extremities is now and the ‘still-warm’ bed is awaiting. Off to bed you go.


The best way to combat the struggle against the frigid vehicle is to stay home! In an era of working from home, let’s make gym from home a thing! Unfortunately, ‘GFH’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but we can work with it.

Below you will find a quick no equipment workout that will leave you feeling sweaty and accomplished in the comfort, and warmth, of your own home!

All exercises are to be completed once each for 50 seconds with a 10 second break between each exercise!

    • Core Set
      • Sit Ups
      • Bicycle crunches
      • Leg lowers
      • Russian Twists
    • Legs Set
      • Lungs (right leg only)
      • Squat
      • Lungs (left leg only)
      • Donkey kicks (25 seconds on each leg)
    • Arms Set
      • Push ups
      • Triceps dips
      • Shadow boxing (fast straight arm punches)
      • Arm circles
    • Plank/Prone Set
      • Forearm plank
      • Mountain climbers
      • Commandos (high plank to forearm plank)
      • Plank jacks
      • Squat Jumps
      • Burpees
      • High knees
      • Jumping Jacks
    • Cool Down
      • Stretch what feels right for you

As a family law firm, we are not exercise professionals and you can modify this workout to suit you and what your body needs. Should you have any doubts about your physical fitness for this workout please consult your medical professional.

As always, we are ready and available to assist you in your family law journey. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
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