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Beyond the sparkle: What women do with their rings after divorce.

Umbrella Family LawMay 21, 2024

Beyond the sparkle: What women do with their rings after divorce.

Beyond the sparkle: What women do with their rings after divorce.

Divorce is a profound life transition, prompting reflection not only on the past but also on the symbols that represent it. Rings, once symbols of love and commitment, often take on new meanings as women navigate life after divorce. Drawing from real-life experiences shared in articles like “What women do with their rings after divorce”, published on Mamamia, here’s a glimpse into the varied paths these cherished pieces can take.


1. Keepsakes of Memories:

For Anna, her ring became a keepsake symbolizing a significant period of her life. She shares, “I couldn’t bear to part with my ring. It reminds me of the good times we had together, and it’s a part of my history.”


2. Financial Assets:

Monica’s decision to sell her ring wasn’t just about letting go of the past; it was about securing her future. “The money from selling the ring helped me start a new chapter in my life,” she explains. “It was a practical decision that also brought emotional relief.”


3. Heirlooms and Legacies:

Some rings carry legacies beyond the marriage itself. Sarah chose to pass down her grandmother’s ring to her daughter, emphasising the enduring family ties that transcend individual relationships.


4. Symbolic Transformation:

Julia’s decision to redesign her ring was a symbolic gesture of personal transformation. “I wanted something new, something that reflected who I am now,” she says. “Turning my old ring into a necklace felt like reclaiming my identity.”


5. Charitable Contributions:

For Lisa, selling her ring was an opportunity to give back. “I donated the money to a charity that supports women rebuilding their lives after hardship,” she shares. “It felt like turning a symbol of pain into a source of hope.”


6. Shared Decisions:

In cases like Emma’s, where divorce was amicable, decisions about the ring’s fate were made together. “We agreed that keeping the ring wasn’t right for either of us,” she explains. “Selling it and splitting the proceeds was a fair and mutual choice.”


7. Cultural and Personal Beliefs:

Cultural traditions and personal beliefs also play significant roles. For Maria, keeping her ring aligned with her cultural values of honouring commitments, while for Mia, selling it symbolized a fresh start unencumbered by the past.


8. Emotional Closure:

Deciding what to do with the ring often signifies emotional closure. “Selling my ring was a closure I needed,” says Rachel. “It marked the end of that chapter and the beginning of a new, more empowered one.”


9. Empowerment and Independence:

Taking control of the ring’s fate is an act of empowerment for many. “Deciding what to do with my ring was about reclaiming my agency,” shares Emily. “It was a small but significant step towards asserting my independence.”


10. Symbol of Resilience:

Across these diverse experiences, one theme resonates—the ring becomes a symbol of resilience. Whether it’s keeping, selling, repurposing, or passing it down, each choice reflects a woman’s strength in navigating life’s transitions and forging her path forward.


These stories remind us that the journey of a ring after divorce is deeply personal, shaped by individual experiences, beliefs, and aspirations. Just as relationships evolve, so do the meanings we attribute to symbols, highlighting the resilience, empowerment, and personal growth inherent in life’s transformative moments.


At Umbrella Family Law, we understand that divorce is a hard and emotional time. We are committed to supporting you by helping you navigate this emotional situation with integrity, empathy, and a personal touch, respecting the uniqueness of every individual.

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