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Parenting Coordination in Australia

July 25, 2023

Parenting Coordination in Australia

In some family law parenting matters, parental conflict and communication barriers can exist and unfortunately can undermine the success of a parenting plan that is to be implemented after a divorce or separation.  This is where the dispute resolution process of parenting coordination can assist.

Parenting Coordinator

Parenting coordination can be described as a child-centred process for conflicted divorced or separated parents. It is a dispute resolution process which can assist parents organise their ongoing parenting arrangements before, during and after they have reached their final Court Orders in relation to their child. Through education, mediation and case management, the family’s post-separation progress is monitored by what is a called a Parental Coordinator, to help parents ensure that the best outcome is reached for their child.

Shared Parenting

Shared parenting will be a new concept to most parents and requires significant readjustment for the parents on how it should apply and work in day-to-day life. Quite frequently, conflict surrounding this adjustment appears centred around everyday arrangements like drop-off times, change-over locations or time spent between the child and each parent schedules rather than any major or substantial life-altering issues. A parenting coordinator may be able to help separated or divorced parents address these types of issues by working with both parents to reach agreements on everyday arrangements concerning the child.

Benefits of Parenting Coordination

Eventually, parenting coordinators teach separated parents or divorced parents how to make decisions together which reduces the daily conflict that can arise over ordinary decision-making concerning the child. By assisting parents in resolving these issues, parenting coordinators can significantly reduce lawyer involvement, which in turns saves the parents time and money.  Other benefits of parental coordination for parents include educating parents on the impact of parental conflict on their child’s development, working with parents in developing a detailed parenting plan and teaching parents anger management, communication and conflict resolution skills.

When a Parenting coordinator is engaged, the parents share the cost of all communications with the PC equally. As every person’s situation is unique, and some cases will need more time than others to reach agreements, parties can negotiate fees for service directly with their Parenting Coordinator. Either parent can contact the Parenting Coordinator with a concern or difficulty, and the Parenting Coordinator will communicate with the other parent about these issues in an attempt to reach a timely resolution.

Should you feel that parenting coordination is right for you and wish to engage one, please feel free to contact Ms Jane Libbis, Partner of Umbrella Family Law, who is trained and experienced in Parenting Coordination on 03 9279 6800 or by emailing theteam@umbrellafamilylaw.com.au.

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