We help find a safe haven during difficult times.

When relationships break down you need someone on your side. Umbrella Family Law family lawyers will be there to take you from chaos to order.

At Umbrella Family Law, we help clients deal with all of their post-separation issues, from the personal to the legal.

We can help you with the big picture, having extensive experience in all areas of family law including:

  • Property settlement;
  • Children’s matters;
  • Relocation including internationally;
  • Collaboration;
  • Litigation;
  • Family violence;
  • Child support;
  • Divorce;
  • Same-sex relationships

With our network of trusted colleagues, we can also help you with the day to day questions: Where will you live; how will you manage your money; who will you talk to when times are tough…?


We know your children are important to you.
Help us understand their needs and we will help you negotiate a child focused parenting plan or court orders.
We can also discuss how to best ensure the children are financially supported.


Whether you have reached agreement re your children, property settlement or both we will help you reality check it and then document it for you.


Fallen in love? Moving in with, or marrying, your partner?
We can sensitively help you develop an agreement to protect your assets in the event your relationship breaks down.


Talk to us about your life goals, explain your asset pool to us and we will help you generate options for property settlement. Once we have agreement, we will generate a legally binding document.


If you are separating amicably, collaborative practice may be right for you. We will work with you and your spouse/partner and their lawyer as a team ,with a psychologist and financial if need be, around the table to help understand your interests and goals.


We offer a fresh approach to Family Law.

Separating doesn’t have to mean bitter courtroom battles and massive legal bills, We believe that with the right people by your side, your family law matter can be resolved amicably.


We understand that no two families are the same and no two separations are the same. We know family law, and you know your family.

Together we will help you create a new life that suits you and your family as it grows from one household to two.

Contact us to arrange your fixed-fee initial consultation and we will talk to you about options for moving forward.

We’ll let you know what you need to think about and what information to gather and then create a path that works for you, leading towards a binding outcome with your spouse or partner.


Meet Our Team of Passionate Professionals

We joined forces because we want to do more than just provide you with the legal advice. We want to help you set up your new life. We believe your law firm should have integrity, empathy and personality.

At Umbrella Family Law we are dedicated and experienced lawyers working exclusively in family law with over thirty years’ experience between us.


We understand the legal profession is evolving and we are right there with it, meeting the needs of the present-day client and at the forefront of new approaches such as collaborative practice.

To learn more about us personally, read on…



As a long-time step-parent, Jane personally understands the twists and turns of the post-separation journey and has watched children adapting to new arrangements.

Jane is passionate about life, love, the colour red and singing along to Spotify. Melbourne born and bred, and having worked in Bayside for 14 years, Jane is also our resident expert on all things North of the Yarra.



Anish is originally from Toronto, Canada and came to Australia years ago to study law.   Anish is obsessed with anything and everything sports related, pretty much anything with a ball. He hopes one day his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley cup in his life time. Having been in Australia for years he is learning to also enjoy AFL albeit at a snail’s pace!

Engaged and planning a wedding, Anish knows all about family negotiation skills, and with his family overseas, he understands the importance of extended family and friends.



Eve was a partner in a law firm in England and is working towards admission as a lawyer in Australia. Having moved from the UK to Australia with her family just one year ago, Eve knows all about starting a new life.

Eve loves everything glitzy and glamorous. She believes there is always space to sparkle.


We offer a range of legal services depending on the client’s needs, which might include:

Providing guidance so you can have direct discussion with your partner

Supporting you while you work with a mediator

Negotiating with your spouse/partner or their lawyer by letter or around the table

Collaborative practice

Preparing and running a matter in court


We work right across Melbourne and Victoria

Tell us where you are and we’ll find a way to work with you.

Our clients come from Western suburbs such as Yarraville, Kensington or Seddon right across Melbourne northern suburbs such as Preston, Brunswick or North Fitzroy. We serve all the South East right down the bay to Frankston and Mornington Peninsula.

We are happy to have consultations by Skype and by phone.

In person we currently have offices in:




The Dandenongs

Phillip Island

Write to us at: PO Box 124 Carlton South 3053