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What are my Child Support obligations if I lose my job?

July 25, 2023

What are my Child Support obligations if I lose my job?

A loss of income not only affects the ability of a liable parent to pay child support, it also affects the ability of the parenting receiving child support to support the children in their care.

Many Australians have either lost their job or had work hours reduced due to the various lock downs and restrictions that took place for much of 2020 and 2021. While some businesses have been fortunate enough to re-open their doors many have remained closed resulting in employees and small business owners having limited to no income.

Unfortunately, a loss of income does not automatically stop your child support obligations. If you are paying pursuant to a child support assessment you must notify Department of Human Services and advise of the change to your income without delay. This will enable the amount you pay to be re-assessed which may then be reduced, subject to your specific circumstances.

The parent receiving child support should also contact Centrelink to consider options available to him or her to assist during this difficult time.

Meeting these payments or the payment of school fees and other costs relating to the children pursuant to an existing Binding of Limited Child Support Agreement can be more challenging to navigate as these types of agreements often can only be terminated in certain circumstances.

If you are concerned about your obligations or are concerned that the paying parent will be seeking a re-assessment to have their payments reduced, we can help guide you and your family through this challenging time.

At Umbrella Family Law we take a holistic approach to assisting our clients and we can provide you and your family with more than just legal advice. If you would like to learn more please contact Umbrella Family Law for a confidential discussion today.

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