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Establishing Christmas Traditions for Children

Umbrella Family LawDecember 19, 2023

Establishing Christmas Traditions for Children

The holiday season is considered to be a magical time for children.  The first Christmas after parents separate is typically a challenging time for parents and children alike.

Creating new Christmas traditions can help build memories that children will carry with them throughout their lives and ease what can be the pain and confusion of having separate Christmas celebrations with mum and dad. In this blog, we’ll explore a variety of heartwarming and engaging Christmas traditions that parents can establish.

  1. Advent Calendar Countdown: Whether it’s a traditional calendar with tiny doors hiding treats or a DIY version with daily activities, counting down to the big day builds anticipation and adds an element of daily joy for children. You can also consider the dreaded Elf on the Shelf too (have a look at elfontheshelf.com.au to learn more)!
  2. Decorating Together: Involve children in decorating the home for Christmas. Allow them to participate in trimming the tree, hanging ornaments, and placing stockings. This collaborative effort not only creates a festive atmosphere but also fosters a sense of togetherness. Better still if perhaps you take them to buy some new decorations for their new home -whether that’s the family home they have always known but now with one parent missing, or a new home entirely.
  3. Pyjama Day: Designate a day for a cosy (or cool, of the air conditioner needs to be on!) and relaxed pyjama celebration. Whether it’s Christmas Eve or a chosen day during the holiday season, let the children spend the day in their favourite pyjamas, watching holiday movies, and indulging in special treats.
  4. Visit to Santa: Take a trip to see Santa Claus! Whether it’s at a local shopping centre or a special event, the experience of meeting Santa and sharing Christmas wishes can be a highlight for children. Capture the moment with a photo to commemorate the excitement.
  5. Holiday Baking Extravaganza: Engage in festive baking sessions as a family. From gingerbread cookies to classic shortbread, involve the children in the entire process, from mixing ingredients to decorating the finished treats. This hands-on activity creates delicious memories and tasty traditions.
  6. Christmas Eve Box: Gift a Christmas Eve box filled with goodies and activities for the night before Christmas. Include items like Christmassy pyjamas, a holiday-themed book, and a small toy. This box can become an exciting pre-Christmas ritual for children.
  7. Outdoor Adventures: Consider incorporating outdoor adventures into your traditions. Whether it’s a beach day, a nature walk, or a family picnic in the park, celebrating Christmas in the great outdoors adds a unique and memorable touch.
  8. Family Game Night: Set aside a night for family game time. Choose Christmas-themed board games, puzzles, or create your own holiday trivia. This tradition promotes family bonding and friendly competition, adding a playful element to the festive season.
  9. DIY Ornaments: Foster creativity by making DIY ornaments as a family. Provide materials like craft supplies, paint, and glitter, allowing children to express their artistic flair. These homemade ornaments become cherished keepsakes that can adorn the tree for years to come.
  10. Christmas Lights Tour: Consider a Christmas lights tour through your neighbourhood or a designated festive area.
  11. Random Acts of Kindness: Teach the spirit of giving by incorporating random acts of kindness into your Christmas traditions. Encourage children to participate in acts of generosity, whether it’s helping a neighbour, donating toys to charity, or crafting handmade cards for friends and family.

Establishing new Christmas traditions for children is a wonderful way to create a sense of magic, togetherness, and joy during the holiday season. Whether it’s through festive activities, new rituals, or creative activities, these traditions will help your children create new memories.

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