The Great Unknown

Overcoming our collective hibernation and venturing out will be something to get used to and something that should be celebrated because we worked hard for this! Although now the problem is actually getting a reservation at our favourite restaurants.

Like the rest of Melbourne, venturing out to the great unknown, intent on reviving some type of normality is more daunting than originally expected. Being confined to our homes and living within our 5km bubble was necessary and we made it work but now there are no restrictions on movement it almost feels too rushed as we all fear a third wave.


However, living with uncertainty guiding decisions is no way to live. Practicing the precautions that have been integrated in our lives, like wearing masks, having better hygienic practices and social distancing, will go a long way. Furthermore, there is reassurance that positive cases can be better traced where there are fewer overall cases.


Perhaps the most important and positive aspect of opening up is our ability to restore and regenerate the businesses that have suffered. International travel, and for a time interstate travel, have been limited but this would invite everyone to explore our state and enliven the communities that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic, fires and floods especially.


The message remains the same as we return to COVID ‘normal’ being that remain vigilant and always practice the safety measures that have helped us get to this stage as well as look after your mental health and those around you.