mental health

The Benefits of Caring for your Mental Health

Often we read about mental health from the perspective of having conditions that impair our mental health. There are thousands of articles with tips and tricks that are so beneficial for when we require assistance.

However, what if we started thinking of our mental health as an ever growing and continual ‘object’ that we must work on to prevent mental illness and to be more aware of how capable we are in overcoming struggles as we know mental illness occurs suddenly or we are caught off guard.

Where we may be suffering from traumatic events, significant changes in circumstances or just feeling low, we will do all we can to muster the energy to face those challenges and overcome them. These practices and actions are not to be swept aside as the cause is not intentional and, in most circumstances, we are just surviving. However, when we do come out of the tunnel we must continue to progress, grow and enjoy our mental health as it is not defined by the diagnosis or presence of a mental illness. Providing our mental health with constant growth and progression is a preventative tool to protect ourselves from unforeseeable and uncontrollable circumstances.


Mental health ebs and flows and there is no singular end point. Often we associate resources such as counselling or coaching as tools in response to an event, however, they are tools that are paramount to preventing a decline in mental health. Furthermore, these practices have a negative stigma associated with them that prevents people from attending appointments.


Mental health has so many benefits! These include the ability to concentrate, think clearly, increase confidence, and a better ability to cope with stress, anxiety and depression.


It is easy to say things like ‘change your mindset’ as words are easy but action are harder but the benefits can be life changing and make you more able to cope with life’s changes. The most important thing is to find what works for you but ensure that the tools you use can help beyond your ‘illness’ and can be the new norm for your life.


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