Coping with lockdown

How we have coped with lockdown

We are back into another month of house arrest! It is as crucial as ever to maintain a healthy life balance as lockdown continues.

We have all struggled with a loss of motivation and suffered an acute case of procrastination. Each day tends to blur into the next and we not only lose track of time, but also lose a sense of fulfillment in the lives we lead. It is so easy to wake up in the morning to clock into work and sit at our desks all day, yet still not achieve our full efficiency potential.

Routine, routine, routine!

We have found the cure to this disease of listlessness and unfulfillment is to do something different every day. Put ourself out of our comfort zones! Breaching our regular and mundane schedule is the key to making life in lockdown seem interesting. When every day we live follows the same schedule of work, chores, study and kids, it is crucial to make time to do things for ourselves during the day, no matter how small.

Start a New Hobby

During lockdown we have devoted time to hobbies. Some days we will make time to bake or paint, other days may be devoted to reading with tea and scented candles. On occasions where we have less time, we can indulge in some selfcare- a facemask only takes ten minutes- or a short session of relaxing yoga before bed. It can also be beneficial to include those around us in these activities- we like to find tango or salsa tutorials on YouTube, do boardgames night, or even painting and cocktails with housemates! These activities not only help us meet our social needs but are important to de-stress and rejuvenate our energy and mood for the next day.

Write in a Diary

On some days we do not have time to engage in an activity and that is when we find ourselves reaching for a gratitude journal. It can be anything convenient, from our diary planner, to notes on our phone. Some days we add little gratitude dot points. These points of gratitude may be as small as a nice sunset, or my dog cuddling me longer than usual or bigger events like getting a new job or starting the final semester of university. A gratitude journal forces us to identify and acknowledge the positive occurrences of everyday life, no matter how small they may be. This helps break the never-ending circle of monotony, negativity, and ennui.

Lockdown is hard on all of us so please make sure you are taking time to take care of yourselves!


We have recently announced the commencement of Umbrella Family Support which aims to provide assistance in all areas of life, not just legal challenges. If you, or someone you know, is struggling please contact us and we will help in every way we can.