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Changing the family home as your life changes #Lifeskills 3

Any change in the home environment is always stressful.  Whether it be a change of the family structure, moving or selling a home or anything that alters the stability and normality that all have been used to.

There are several ways stress during such times can be reduced or ways in which it can be minimised.

If the configuration of those living within the home is changing it is important to ensure that all parties, both remaining in the house or moving on, endeavour to do so with sensitivity and integrity. It’s not always easy, but if possible this will ensure all family members feel comfortable and at ease with the change.

Sorting through home contents and establishing who would be best suited for items is essential and fairness throughout a must. If there are particular items of sentimental value to one person this should be taken into account.

For the party moving on it is particularly important they have the ability to re-establish themselves in an environment whereby any children involved are able to be accommodated for and made to feel welcome and comfortable.

If it is necessary for the sale of a property once again it is essential for the home to be presented, and given the optimum opportunity for highest return as this will be beneficial to both parties, when starting over. What may seem an arduous task particularly if other stresses are overwhelming should be discussed by both parties and arranged accordingly. Often if a home is presented at its best, even if spending is required to do so, the return is well worth it in the end and once again of benefit to all involved.

Decluttering a home is not always easy and requires a step by step process that can include the following:

1. Ascertain when the last time you used something was, if it was not in the last 2 years you probably won’t use it again.

2. Establish if certain items are still relevant for you and your family’s needs for example baby, toddler or children’s items that may not be needed, or passed there used by date, and can be donated or given to others.

3. How much is your clutter worth? Often reselling via eBay, Gumtree or various Facebook pages is a fantastic way to declutter your home for an upcoming campaign and also has the added bonus of some extra cash. As is said one person’s trash is another’s treasure so never underestimate the value of what’s around your home.

4. Donating your unwanted items is also a fantastic way to declutter your home, as is handing down to friends or family who maybe at different life stages and may need what you don’t.

5. If in a position to do so employ the services of somebody who is not emotionally involved. This will ensure a different perspective is in place.

6. Ensure all children, no matter what age, are a part of the process. When saying this, I refer to their personal space particularly as no one wants their belonging sorted for them. Suggest 3 piles – one keep, one donate, one throw out.

7. If possible allow plenty of time to co-ordinate the decluttering process as once again this will elevate stress.

Although this can be, in some instances an emotional and delicate time, there are ways to make this easier and our friends at  We Sort You can do just that.

Thanks to Jenny Selleck of We Sort You for this post.
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