Beating Lockdown Boredom

Boredom in COVID-19

The intimidating realisation that succumbed with the Premier’s announcement of another six-week hard lockdown seemed to ripple across the State. As many were out and about adjusting to the new normal of wearing masks and donning hand sanitiser upon entry into shops and supermarkets, the stark reality of our situation in Melbourne hit us with full force, and did the lockdown boredom!

It is evident that we have relaxed and due to our complacency, it will affect us all.


However, as we must do when things get tough, we knuckle down and do what we have to and hope that having gone through the first round of lockdown sheds light onto what to do to come out of this second lockdown.


This is such an unprecedented time in all of our lives, that we are all just doing our best to make it through.


Kids go back to home-schooling, parents hit the home office again and many are separated from loved ones who are in aged care, hospitals or who live a distance away. It is people like those who live in facilities that are hit the hardest as they are, in most cases, alone and very dependent on regular outings with friends and visits from family members.  We empathise and are determined to do what we need to do to flatten the curve once again.

We have come up with a list of some things that may render a family hit during lockdown, and maybe even after quarantine:


  • WhatsApp Group Messages

Although we have mastered zoom, WhatsApp is another great way to communicate with friends and family, especially in big groups. It is a platform that is quite popular and allows for people to connect and remain engaged with each other. You could share ideas for activities, nuances about work or interesting articles to continue to fulfil time that would have otherwise been in person.


  • Board games

The cupboard that contain all the board games that only get used once a year can be dusted off and used to bring the family together, although be aware when playing Monopoly, tempers may flare.


  • Pick-me-up hampers

Organising a hamper through your local florist, chocolate or specialty shop can make a person’s day. Hampers can include a relaxing basket including a candle, face mask and chocolate or maybe some wine and cheese for when the kids go to sleep. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant but a little goes a long way. When people know you are thinking of them it makes their day a little brighter.


  • Cards to Family and Loved Ones

A handmade card or picture drawn for loved ones or friends creates a special memory that is cherished for a long time. It becomes even more special when they get a letter or card back.


  • Lockdown Birthdays

It may seem that having a birthday in lockdown could go down like a wet balloon but there are some creative ways to bring a birthday to life amid the crisis. Some options we have come up with include:

  • Organise family members to send small hampers to the door for the person’s special day. No matter what age everyone loves receiving packages at the door.
  • Host an online cooking lesson via zoom. Send out invitations with an ingredient list and a time for all participants to log in and as a group you can prepare a meal or dessert. Similarly, this could occur with a craft activity.
  • Host a zoom chat where all participants wear a dress-up costume or a mask!
  • For adults who love paint and wine nights. There are plenty of YouTube videos that walk you through a landscape or abstract painting that you could all follow whilst having a sip of wine and catching up with each other.
  • Go overboard with decorations! Decorate the whole house to make the person feel extra special.
  • Do a scavenger hunt so they have to look for their presents.
  • Let them choose what the family does for the whole day – independence and autonomy will make them feel special on their day.
  • Leading up to their birthday, it would be fun and fulfilling task to create their own piñata using paper-mache and paint to decorate and eventually use on the day of their birthday. Follow the link for a ‘how to’ guide for creating your own piñata!
  • A fun activity for all would be to attempt eating a donut hanging from the roof without using your hands


The illusory nature of virus means we do not see how contagious and dangerous it is, but we must remain vigilant. There are plenty of ways to involve the whole family whilst at home as well as remaining connected with friends and family. We hope these ideas offer some relief as we all navigate lockdown 2.0 and if you need any help contact us!