Melbourne family lawyers helping clients deal with change

Dealing with Change and COVID-19

Change, it’s inevitable and uncertain but can be positive and new. Change can lead to many more opportunities but requires the sacrifice of something else. This is evident in the way we have had to deal with change in our lives these last two years due to COVID. From being free and able to travel as we pleased, to being confined to our houses and told when we can leave, to now going back into indefinite freedom. There is a lot to cope with.

Change impacts each person differently, with each of us dealing with the situation in various ways. Some are excited and ready to be set free after lockdown ended whilst others are hesitant and apprehensive to leave the comforts of their homes.


Here are five tips to deal with change:

One: Plan Ahead

Often changes occur suddenly and without warning, however where change is inevitable it is best to plan and put tools in place to help you deal with what is about to come.

Planning will reduce panic and the overwhelming feeling that comes with dealing with change. Change is best approached when contingency plans are organised and readily available to use.


Two: Reflection

Taking time to reflect on the changes that have occurred may help with dealing with change. Often people will write in a diary, talk to a friend or see their psychiatrist or psychologist. Understanding your emotions and allowing yourself to reflect on them will allow you to honour the losses that come with change.


Three: Evaluate Your Level of Control

Many times, change feels overwhelming due to the lack of control we feel we have over the situation. For many of us we do not like not having control over situations and when changes occur quickly this sends us in a spiral. By evaluating the level of control, we have over a situation in essence regains your control. It allows you to focus on things that you do to help lead you and your family in the right direction.

We must remind ourselves that not everything is in our control and nor can it be.


Four: Self-Care

Taking care of yourself can make the world of difference. When we care for ourselves, we become better able to serve those around us. Self-care is often low on the priority list but cannot be ignored.


Things that we can do include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Doing a face mask
  • Exercising


Five: Seek Help

Dealing with change is scary and overwhelming, especially when we didn’t see it coming. Speaking with a professional is the best avenue of support we can have. They are independent and offer fresh eyes to the situation which can place you in a better frame of mind and open opportunities to benefit from such changes.


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