The Year of Action

After what was an extremely difficult year but also a time to check in with ourselves and re-evaluate priorities, the year 2021 is a time for action.

We are adamant that to take action is to truly put yourself, unashamedly, first. Whether that be by starting a new fitness regime, spending more time reaching out to old friends or being with your family.

Much of the work we do at Umbrella Family Law is assisting, supporting and changing our clients lives as they prioritise taking action.

They have prioritised taking control of and asserting their wishes in their relationship to create a better life for themselves, and their children.  Now that restrictions have eased, action can be taken in looking for new properties to rent or buy as inspections are now open, or to get to know a new area that may suit you and your family’s needs better. With children back at a school action can be taken without worry of them being caught up in the situation, there is more ability to see supportive friends and family and more opportunity to remove yourself from the toxic environment to clear your head and move forward.

We see marriage and convince ourselves of the story that a marriage is forever but sometimes that is not how it ends up. We convince ourselves of this story and commit ourselves to the relationship despite emotional, physical, financial and psychological abuse, we convince ourselves that some time down the road it will stop and that the toxic relationship is not so toxic if we just make it through the bad patch.

You deserve more. The process is hard but with the right help and support from our team we want you to succeed so that you may live as you should and without being constrained to the toxicity of your current relationship.