Umbrella Family Law is the first firm in Australia to train with International “Pet Custody” expert and animal behaviouralist, Karis Nafte.


How does it work?

Our lawyers are trained in “pet custody” and can help our clients and their former spouses consider what factors to take into account in determining new living arrangements for their pets post-separation.

We can now assist you to consider factors such as:

  • The breed of your dog – all dogs are not created equal; dogs’ exercise, training and stability needs vary greatly depending on their breed;
  • Whether potential visiting arrangements will be fair for the pet or a source of distress;
  • Whether or not it is appropriate for the animal to go between houses with the children;
  • What to do with multi-pet households – can the pets be split up?
  • What to do if a pet comes from a traumatic background;
  • Long-term welfare issues for the animal – planning their later years, medical issues and overall welfare


Contact us to make a time to meet with one of our team of dog loving lawyers to discuss what will be in the best interests of your beloved furry friend and to talk about ways to help you reach a positive outcome not only in relation to your pet, but with regard to all aspects of life post-separation.