What pathways are available to move out of home?

Moving out of a home can be an exciting time, but it may also equally be stressful, frightening, or confusing. There are many options for moving out of home, and in this post, we aim to summarise some of them for you.

The easiest option to immediately find somewhere to stay is to find a hotel, rooming houses, hostels or find a property on AirBnb (or similar services). These options provide you with somewhere to stay whilst you are searching for a more permanent home. The benefit of these services is that you can stay as long as you need without being locked into long term leases or tenancy agreements but still enable you to live freely on your own.

For those who prefer to live with housemates, either for social or financial reasons, but don’t know anyone to move in with, services exist to find some! On popular websites such as flatmates.com.au you have the option to browse current available rooms, create a housemate advert so people with free rooms can contact you, or list your available room/s if you are seeking housemates for an existing property. This option also has flexible tenancy options for those who are in-between homes or looking to buy.

When looking for properties to rent or buy, there are many websites to browse a large array of available properties. Some websites with a variety of agency properties include realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and typically many real estate agencies will have their own websites advertising their properties. When searching for a home online, it is important to use the filters, such as price range, car parking, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This ensures that you are easily able to find properties perfect for your needs.

For those struggling financially, there are some governmental supports, such as the first home buyers loan, National Rental Affordability Scheme which is provided by the Department of Social Services. The Moneysmart website is run by the Australian Government. It not only contains ample information to manage your debt but also information to help you buy a home. Housing Victoria also has some excellent resources about renting and buying properties. It includes recourses to find the right home loangovernment support to buy a home, among many others.

If you or someone you know requires any assistance please contact our office and we will be more than happy to help.