Self Care is Relationship Care

Self Care is Relationship Care

It can be easy within parenthood or a relationship to prioritise the needs and wants of others above your own. We might think that being the best partner or parent means we should devote all of our time, love and attention to our significant other or children. However, this is not the case in reality. As with all good things in life, such as ice cream, chocolate and takeaway, there must be balance.

Fundamentally, humans are intelligent and social creatures. There can be a sense of stagnancy which develops from a mundane or repetitive routine, which can create detrimental feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. We often need variation to grow and enrich our lives, and to avoid boredom or discontent. This is the key to a fulfilling life, and thus, to become a happier partner and parent who is the best version of themselves in their relationship.


Here’s a few ideas of how to practice self care so you can become happier with yourself and your relationship:


  1. Make time for yourself

It can be easy to become so consumed by parenthood or your relationship that you neglect to make any time to care for yourself. Avoid this by starting to take small moments of me-time as opposed to hours, to adjust to caring for yourself. This could be as simple as taking a short walk and listening to music or asking your children and/or partner to leave you in a private area of your home to watch a show with headphones and drink a glass of wine in peace.


  1. Make an effort to indulge in your interests

Life gets busier but we should all make it a priory to indulge in our favourite hobbies every now and then to have some invaluable time to recharge. Organise to go to a painting class, ask your partner to take the kids to a movie so you can play some video games, or request some uninterrupted time from your family to read in peace. Time apart from your partner or children is important to maintain your own identity and happiness outside of those relationships.


  1. Make time for others

Though it may seem inevitable that your life begins to revolve around your partner and children, that doesn’t need to be your reality! Spice up your life by spending time with other friends and family you don’t see as regularly. Keep your social circle vibrant, and your mind and soul enriched by spending quality time with your favourite friends and family.


  1. Set healthy boundaries

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is crucial to protect the time and effort you devote to self-care. Part of taking care of yourself is saying ‘no’. protect your time and peace by saying no to requests or expectations you can’t reasonably meet.


  1. Take care of your health

Arguably the most important form of self-care is to take care of your health. Despite the other dramas of life, ensure you make time to sleep enough each night, cook and eat healthy and good food, and devote some time to exercise to keep yourself active and fit.


Life is busy, and crazy, and hectic, and dramatic. But it is also exciting, and fulfilling, and full of love. Take care of yourself so you can fully appreciate all the happiness and joy life has to give.