Christmas budget with family lawyers

Christmas & Budgeting

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Budgeting, however, is important so there are no tears.

Though it can be fun to frolic in the sun

once the Christmas party has begun,

We must take care to be organised in advance

so everyone can enjoy a Christmas dance.

Once these requirements have been met

There will be no Christmas regret.

Christmas Budget

Christmas, though undoubtedly one of the most wonderful times of the year, can prove stressful and challenging for many reasons. To avoid undue stress, it is important to that your Christmas budget be organised in advance.

Though we want to spoil our loved ones with gifts or host the best Christmas party, it is important to do so within your financial means. Every year it feels like Christmas creeps up on us. November starts and it’s Christmas before you know it. For most of us, expenses over Christmas double and almost triple. It is essential to be organised in advance to prevent this stress. This may require you to create a Christmas budget, which could include:

  • Setting a monetary limit on presents, such as $50 maximum cost for gifts.
  • Organise Secret Santa, so that all participants only have to buy one present each but the excitement of giving and receiving presents is kept alive.
  • Christmas lunch or dinner can also become a potluck, where each attendee brings a dish. This eases both the financial stress of feeding many people and also the pressure to cook large quantiles or many variations of food.
  • Putting away small amounts throughout the year can be a great way to build a Christmas budget. It does not feel as overwhelming if you know there is some money set aside.

Christmas Shopping

In order to get some great deals online shopping can be your friend, although due to significant delays in Australian postal services, it is more important than ever to complete Christmas shopping in advance. To be best prepared, the following tips could be useful:

  • Completing online orders to guarantee packages arrive in time;
  • Sending Christmas cards and letters early;
  • Making reservations for venues ahead of time to allow for COVID capacity constraints;
  • Delegating tasks to family members where appropriate to avoid one individual facing Christmas stress alone; and
  • A simple checklist or shared document may be sufficient to ensure Christmas runs as smoothly as possible this year.

An age old Christmas struggle is deciding what presents to buy and being fearful that the recipient won’t like the gift. Thankfully, the internet exists to lift this burden! The ease of online shopping enables you to access millions of present ideas at the swipe of a finger. It may also be used to create an adult wish list. Retailers like Amazon enable individuals to create wish lists or registries, where they can add items they would like to receive. What better way to take the guess work out of buying a present that shopping directly from a list of items you know your recipient wants!

However, we’d like to gently remind you that Christmas is not about monetary expenditure, extravagant gifts or grandeur parties. But rather the focus of Christmas is to enjoy the company of your gathered loved ones- to love and be loved in return. So from our family here at Umbrella Family Law to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!