COVID created chaos at the start of the year, it is hard to believe that it is already September, and that we all still have access to toilet paper!   The initial lockdown and adaptations we have made have soon become the new norm and it is hard to think that we will have to go back to the hustle and bustle of ‘real’ life.   Back to peak-hour traffic, ferrying kids to this that and the other. Spending more time away from family and becoming more focused on work, deadlines and appointments. How did we ever do it before lockdown?

Separating can be an extremely difficult time for many, particularly where there are children involved. We are here to help you to negotiate arrangements for the ongoing care and support of your child or children. Let’s start at the…start. In this article you will find a breakdown of some of the legal terminology and key concepts around parenting. We will also break down a few myths!