It can be easy within parenthood or a relationship to prioritise the needs and wants of others above your own. We might think that being the best partner or parent means we should devote all of our time, love and attention to our significant other or children. However, this is not the case in reality. As with all good things in life, such as ice cream, chocolate and takeaway, there must be balance.

The process of buying your first home can be overwhelming with the amount of hoops that you have to go through. Whether you are a first home owner, buying an investment property or starting fresh after family law proceedings, there are so many things to consider and prepare for the purchase of a home. But, never fear, this family law firm has come up with the six steps that may help you move into your new property! We would like to add a quick disclaimer. We are not real estate or property experts, but rather, we would simply like to share our previous experience and knowledge to help you buy your first property.

Change, it’s inevitable and uncertain but can be positive and new. Change can lead to many more opportunities but requires the sacrifice of something else. This is evident in the way we have had to deal with change in our lives these last two years due to COVID. From being free and able to travel as we pleased, to being confined to our houses and told when we can leave, to now going back into indefinite freedom. There is a lot to cope with.