5 Study Tips to Study More Effectively

Studying can be boring and does not inspire or motivate anyone to want to sit down for hours on end revising information that you may not finding interesting or relevant to area you wish to work in. However, in order to obtain the qualifications you require, it is necessary to get through the hard yards before reaching the end.

In order to stay on track and to maintain motivation, we can offer these five tips and tricks to keep yourself on track.

Tip One: Balance studying with short breaks

One of the best ways to study is to create timers in which you study followed by a brief break period.

Although the sessions are short, your endurance to study will be better whilst keeping you interested and alert about the topics.

Everyone is different but one of the ways to split your time could be to study for 50 minutes and have a 10 minute break to stand up, stretch, play with the dog or grab a cup of tea or coffee. 45 – 50 minutes doesn’t feel daunting but is effective enough to focus on a single idea and hash-out any problems you may be having.

Further, it serves as great practice for exams where you will also have limited time.

Tip Two: Don’t leave it to the last minute

We are ALL guilty of this but we must remember that cramming is not as effective as we think for long-term retention.

Planning to study for short periods a day when an exam is 2 months away will serve you better in the long run, instead of cramming a semester-worth of work in one or two days.

It will also reduce stress and anxiety when the exam eventually rolls around.

Tip Three: Studying with a group

Forming a study group is very beneficial.

It provides a way to test and challenge each other on the subject, which can highlight your own deficiencies and what you need to practice more of  and what you excel in.

Moreover, it helps to make studying fun as you are with friends and, presumably, in a new place which is always refreshing.

Tip Four: Practice exams

The benefit of practicing previous years exam papers is enormous.

By answering the questions and timing yourself under exam conditions, you will learn to pinpoint the main issues and address them in a more efficient and succinct way.

It would also be extremely beneficial if the answers were also provided as you can then get an idea of where your deficiencies lie.

Tip Five: Be Kind to Yourself

Exam time can be extremely stressful and if you do not take care of yourself, the pressure can overcome you.

By taking regular breaks during your time studying as well as taking to time to go out for dinner or spend time with friends and family, it will allow you to study more effectively.

Studying is difficult especially when there are many social events happening. Employing these tips can assist you to become more efficient and effective at focusing and taking on board all the information you need for the exam. Good luck and be kind to yourself.